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Ken Ludwig's


A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Directed by David Stenstrom

“Ken Ludwig's Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.


The Story

Sherlock Holmes does it again. In classic fashion, Sherlock and his ever-present comrade in arms, Dr. Watson band together to solve perhaps the most famous of Holmes’ mysteries, The Hound of the Baskervilles. A classic tale, retold by the hilarious, zany and always unexpected: Ken Ludwig’s ‘Baskerville’.

Sherlock dons his Deerstalker hat, grabs Watson and his magnifying glass and heads to Scotland to solve the frighteningly mysterious, ‘Baskerville’.

As the dynamic duo follow the trail of murder and terror, they overcome all sorts of obstacles and meet over forty strange, eccentric characters from all walks of life and all parts of the world,  played  by only three actors.

This fast moving who-done-it will entertain and delight you and keep your head turning for the next clue told by the next outlandish character, running pell-mell to a crashing finish.

The Characters

  • Sherlock Holmes – The super sleuth is lean and moody, a bundle of energy and intelligence , exactly what we expect.
  • Doctor Watson – Solid and reliable. ‘Sancho Panza’ sidekick to Sherlock Holmes’ ‘Don Quixote’
Three other actors in the play portray all  the other characters in the show. Hopping between the tobacconist and the scullery maid with only one quick line to Dr. Mortimer, Sir Henry Baskerville and Mrs. Barrymore (the Swedish housekeeper), all having several  scenes.

Actor 1: Dr. Mortimer, Barrymore, Castilian Desk Clerk, Stapleton, among others.

Actor 2: Sir Charles Baskerville, Inspector Lestrade, Sir Henry, among others.

Actor 3: Mrs. Barrymore, Miss Stapleton, Mrs. Hudson, German Maid among others.

Performance Address:
Beekay Theatre
110 S. Green Street
Tehachapi, CA 93561

Mailing Address:
Tehachapi Community Theatre Association
431 W. J Street
Tehachapi, CA 93561

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