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TCT Volunteer Committees

The Business of TCT is overseen by the elected Board of Directors. However, TCT

is a member-lead organization, and therefore relies upon Member-Volunteer

Committees to keep track of and perform many of the vital tasks that keep TCT

functioning and thriving.

There are two types of Committees that Volunteers may ask to be a part of which

are organized to do the Business of TCT. Each type of Committee serves a

particular area of need for TCT. Current Committees are as follows;

1. Ad Hoc Committees:

Ad Hoc Committees are appointed from time to time as needed for specific

projects or concerns. Ad Hoc committees shall be dissolved when the assigned

project is completed. Examples of Ad Hoc Committees are:

a. TCT Gala Committee.

b. Golden Apples Committee.

c. Christmas Decorating Committee.

d. Election Committee.

2. Standing Committees:

Standing committees meet for the duration of the Season, September through

August, except as noted below. These Committees may contain the same

Members from year to year due to the nature of their tasks. However, all Standing

Committees will undergo a review by the Board of Directors annually.

a. Membership Committee. The Membership Committee is responsible for

Promoting Membership in TCT and for maintaining the Membership Records. The

Membership Committee shall also be responsible for providing to the Secretary of

the Board a list of persons eligible to vote at each Annual Meeting and Election of

Officers in August of each year, as well as Current Membership Lists for inclusion

in each of the Production Playbills, and on the TCT Website.

b. Finance Committee. The Finance Committee shall serve in an advisory capacity

to the Treasurer, on both bookkeeping and tax issues. The committee shall also

be responsible for an annual review of TCT’s bookkeeping and tax status. The

Finance Committee should consist of both TCT members and non-members;

however, no Board Members are to serve on this Committee.

c. Fundraising Committee. The fundraising committee will serve as the principle

agent for seeking grants, major gifts and other sources of revenue outside of

TCT’s regular revenue stream of ticket sales, memberships and advertising sales.

d. Production Committee. TCT Season Productions are selected by a non-Board

Membership body. The Production Selection Committee is responsible for

creating the Season for TCT each year.

* See: Production Selection Committee Policy.

e. Promotion Committee. The Promotion Committee will be responsible for

publicizing each show during the year. They may also be called upon to promote

Classes and Workshops, Special Events, General TCT Updates and to keep TCT in

the Community eye by regularly creating articles for the local news media.

* See: Promotion Committee Policy.

Any Member of TCT in good standing may request to become a member of any

of the above Committees. Appointments to Committees are made by the Board

of Directors. Most Committees have Chairpersons, but like the Board of

Directors, there is no hierarchy to the Committees. Each member is expected to

act as an equal collaborator within the group to achieve set goals and tasks.

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