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Becoming A TCT Member –

TCT is a Member Organization. Inclusion in the Organization, and all the benefits thereof, is based upon paid Memberships.

But, Why Become a Member?

• Each Membership level comes with the Right to Vote within the Organization.

• Every Member receives a Members-Only Discount on Tickets to Shows.

• Every Member gets Access to the Members-Only Section of the TCT Website.

• Every Member will have Their Name Printed in Every Playbill for the Season.

Most all Membership levels will also receive “perks”, as listed below.

The Perks –


Golden Apple Members receive a 10 Show Passport, your name on the Golden

   Apple Partners plaque in the BeeKay Lobby, and are eligible to run for office.

Angel Members receive 5 Gift Certificates and are eligible to run for office.

Producer Members receive 2 Gift Certificate and are eligible to run for office.

Director Members are eligible to run for office.

Student Members (under 18 or full-time student) are eligible to vote, but

   cannot run for office.

Memorial Memberships (any amount) are listed in the Season Show Programs.

All Memberships are Tax-deductible Donations.

Membership fees enable TCT to carry less operating overhead. This, along with sponsors and our ticket pricing structure, allows us to mount productions that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

1.Levels of Membership

  • a.     Golden Apple - $1,000.00 (USD) Subscription period: 1 year.
  • b.     Angel - $365.00 (USD) Subscription period: 1 year.
  • c.      Producer - $100.00 (USD) Subscription period: 1 year.
  • d.     Director - $25.00 (USD) Subscription period: 1 year.
  • e.     Student - $15.00 (USD) Subscription period: 1 year.

                             Student - No automatically recurring payments).

• All memberships (with the exception of student) can be set up on an annual

  automatic recurring charge. Each Membership is for one year from the date of payment, and may be set up to renew automatically.

Valinda Kelly Jockinsen Memorial Membership Fund

This fund was set up to honor the memory of a beautiful friend to TCT. 

Her dedication to the Theatre was a tribute to her spirit.


TCT would like everyone involved to become a member, but sometimes things happen where that person cannot afford the membership fee. This fund was set up to provide Director or Student Level Membership to those in this situation.

• Donations may also be made to this fund to help someone become a member.

Phone: 661-822-4037

Email: Info@tctonstage.com

Performance Address:
Beekay Theatre
110 S. Green Street
Tehachapi, CA 93561

Mailing Address:
Tehachapi Community Theatre
431 W. J Street
Tehachapi, CA 93561

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