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Becoming A TCT Member –

TCT is a Member Organization. Inclusion in the Organization, and all the benefits thereof, is based upon paid Memberships.

But, Why Become a Member?

• Each Membership level comes with the Right to Vote within the Organization.

• Every Member receives a Members-Only Discount on Tickets to Shows.

• Every Member gets Access to the Members-Only Section of the TCT Website.

• Every Member will have Their Name Printed in Every Playbill for the Season.

Most all Membership levels will also receive “perks”, as listed below.

The Perks –


Golden Apple Members receive a 10 Show Passport, your name on the Golden

   Apple Partners plaque in the BeeKay Lobby, and are eligible to run for office.

Angel Members receive 5 Gift Certificates and are eligible to run for office.

Producer Members receive 2 Gift Certificate and are eligible to run for office.

Director Members are eligible to run for office.

Student Members (under 18 or full-time student) are eligible to vote, but

   cannot run for office.

Memorial Memberships (any amount) are listed in the Season Show Programs.

All Memberships are Tax-deductible Donations.

Membership fees enable TCT to carry less operating overhead. This, along with sponsors and our ticket pricing structure, allows us to mount productions that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

TCT would like everyone involved to become a member, but sometimes things happen where that person cannot afford the membership fee. This fund was set up to provide Director or Student Level Membership to those in this situation.

• Donations may also be made to this fund to help someone become a member.

Performance Address:
Beekay Theatre
110 S. Green Street
Tehachapi, CA 93561

Mailing Address:
Tehachapi Community Theatre
431 W. J Street
Tehachapi, CA 93561

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