To all our TCT members, this time has been difficult for everyone, and the TCT Board would like to express our gratitude for your continued support and membership.

We are on hiatus (as it said in show business), but we are still working behind the scenes to bring our members great shows, with a strong board of directors, and a theatre that will continue to move forward and grow better each year. New updates of our By-Laws will vastly improve how business is done. Having been hampered by outdated and fragmented By-laws, we now have legal help that will get us back up and running and be more efficient with our voting, By-Laws and productions.


There have been differences and there will always be drama, (we are a group of actors), so drama seems to follow us, but we are a family who need to perform and to create. The goal during this hiatus is re-grouping and when the curtain goes up again and the spotlight shines we will be ready! The show will go on, and TCT will do as we have always done, bring to our members and to our community great shows with wonderful talent that leaves you laughing and crying when the curtain drops.



TCT has hired an attorney to assist TCT in re-writing and constructing new By-Laws that will work better for our members and our TCT Board members. Too many changes in the last several years have caused confusion and inconsistency. These changes will include the electing/creating of board new board members.


TCT will improve web access with a professional website building company who specializes in non-profit websites and who will create a website that is easy to read, navigate and get current and upcoming information on shows, auditions, tickets, membership etc... This new website will be full of color and pictures of all our past shows. One of our goals for our website is to include on- line voting for the TCT board of Directors so we can meet our ELECTIONS this year.



J-street has been good to us for so many years but now it’s time to re-organize and begin to reassess J-Street. This will be a long process, and we need your help! If you are interested in helping with the re- organization of J-street we’d love to hear from you!

Thank you all for your patience and your support during these days, 

We will be back soon!


NUNSENSE by Dan Goggin

Directed by Doug Jockinsen, Musical Director Guy Martin

Five of the 19 surviving Little Sisters of Hoboken, a one-time missionary order that ran a leper colony on an island south of France, discover that their cook, Sister Julia, Child of God, accidentally killed the other fifty-two residents of the convent with her tainted vichyssoise while they were off playing bingo with a group of Maryknolls. 

Upon discovering the disaster, Mother Superior had a vision in which she was told to start a greeting card company to raise funds for the burials. The greeting cards were an enormous success and, thinking there was plenty of money, the Reverend Mother bought a VCR and camcorder for the convent, leaving her with no money in the kitty to pay for the last four burials. 

With the deceased nuns on ice in the deep freeze, they decide to stage a variety show in the Mount Saint Helen's High School auditorium to raise the necessary amount. Participating in the project are Mother Superior Mary Regina, a former circus performer who can not resist the spotlight; her competitive but dignified rival, second-in-command Sister Mary Hubert; Sister Robert Anne, a streetwise nun from Brooklyn; Sister Mary Leo, a novice who is determined to be the world's first ballerina nun; and wacky, childlike Sister Mary Amnesia, who lost her memory when a crucifix fell on her head.

 Because they have to use the High School auditorium, they are forced to do their variety show in front of the set of “Grease”, which the High School is currently rehearsing for. The entertainment that they present includes solo star turns, madcap dance routines, and an audience quiz.

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