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Why did TCTA select A Christmas Story?

Yes, TCTA has decided on “A Christmas Story” for the holiday show.

We understand some people, not all, have concerns, but those concerns are mostly personal and with good reason, but not all people feel the same. 

A Christmas Story was performed at the BK nine years ago and was sold out just about every performance. I’m pretty sure back then there were shootings, the world was somewhat upside down then as it seems now, and it didn’t stop people from going to the theater.

Let’s look at the wonderful parts of this play. It has messages. A mother who does not want her son to have a BB gun for fear of shooting his eye out, or the fact that the young boy says a bad word and the mother takes action by washing his mouth out with Lifebouy soap. There is also the bullying from the school kids and the pranks that kids play on one another where one kid double-dog dares another kid to stick his tongue on a frozen pole, a father who saves Christmas dinner after the neighbor’s dogs eat the Christmas turkey. All these crazy things and more happen, and during all of it a dad saves Christmas, and gives to his family a wonderful holiday. There is more to any show than one factor, and in this play, the gun is not the main event. 

The main event is the family. An average, low-income family in the 1950’s who celebrates Christmas the best they can with what they have. If all anyone can take away from any show is one item, then you have missed the point of the show. Yes, our world is upside down, but theater does not take political sides, theater gives entertainment, and we make sure that whatever we do we do it well, we do it tastefully and we do it because we love to entertain. There is so much unrest in our world today, that going to the theater and escaping for just a moment can mean everything in the world to not only one person but too many. So, let’s not spread the rumor or spread the negativity about a show, but let’s present the show for what it really is, one of the most widely watched holiday shows during the holidays and a show that did very well for TCTA in the past. I do appreciate your thoughts and your concerns, and I want to let you know, that the board gives every show a lot of thought and discussion before deciding.

If someone does not like A Christmas Story, then they can miss seeing that show and come to another. We can’t always please everyone, but we do our very best. 

TCTA is always concerned about how any one of our shows will be received, for instance On Golden Pond may have offended, Jewish people or African Americans, Puerto Ricans and Lesbians, but that didn’t seem to bother most people. The show was a success and one to be remembered for so many other reasons. TCTA is always doing their very best to bring what we think is quality theater. 

My hope is that we promote all shows equally.

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